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See how Artriom were able to help SSP transform their business to gain efficiency by becoming a Social Business..

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Artriom are a specialist IBM Collaboration Solutions Partner

As well as partnering with several other vendors who are able to ensure that your acquired assets are implemented in a way that provides maximum value to your business and that any and all entitlements you have within software you acquire are explored, understood - and if desired implemented and adopted.

  • Learn about how our engagement process really centres around you and your business needs...

  • Artriom will workshop with clients to identifying line of business need, cloud readiness and more...

  • Artriom offers a cloud readiness assessment which will help answer questions like: Are your servers and mail clients at the correct versions?

  • Artriom can help you to understand how your business can add more competitive strings to its bow and embrace social technology for it's benefit...

  • Having a clear adoption strategy is vital to achieve your social goals. Artriom can help through workshops to advise and consult with you...

  • Artriom offer managed services, private cloud and SmartCloud solutions...

  • Artriom provide ongoing support and development on all IBM Collaboration Solutions...

  • We will work with you to ensure you maximise your investment and have the most important elements released to your community...

  • IBM
  • Ascendant
  • Avnet
  • Datel
  • Tivoli Software
  • Bright Solid
  • Palo Alto

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Artriom are collaboration specialists, whether your businesses wishes to simply make file sharing much simpler, or go to a fully social business in the cloud with Files, Activities, Projects, Communities, Integrated Meetings and Audio.

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