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We can't tell you about yourself, and rest assured, when we engage our clients are as much a part of "The Team" as we are. Our projects, our endeavours and our focus are all jointly crafted, agreed and implemented as a team, and that is of prime importance to us.

We strengthen your team by bringing specialist collaboration, business and technical individuals to the grind-stone - we don't say " the table..." because that suggests we "talk" more than "do", when getting our hands dirty is paramount to a teaming success.

Co-Founder & Director: Richard A. Bye
Richard is Co-Founder and Director of Artriom responsible for Sales and Marketing, The Partnership Ecosystem and Buying. Richard is also jointly responsible for Company Strategy with fellow Co-Founder TimBranton. His most recent position was European Business Unit Executive of the SmartCloud for Social Business division of IBM, where he was responsible for the SmartCloud service portfolio across Europe. Richard had been acquired into IBM from a company he helped build since 2004 and then sold to IBM in 2009.

Having over 20 years of sales, business management, brand building experience, bought and sold assets and built several companies, Richard's experience and network is crucial to help Artriom build and adapt the business over the coming months and years ahead. Having had a lot of start-up experience, but also big company process, Richard will guide the growth of the business to ensure it moves forward in a clear and sustainable manner whilst achieving the business goals.

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Co-Founder & Director: Tim Branton

Tim is Co-Founder and Director of Artriom - responsible for Finance, Service Delivery and Technology. Tim is also jointly responsible for Company Strategy with Co-Founder Richard Bye.

Tim spent three years building a social business practice within FreshTL prior to the acquisition of the practice by Artriom. Tim is widely viewed as a leader in the sphere of social business, helping businesses to understand how a more open and connected business can deliver gains in productivity and innovation.

Tim has more than twenty years of business development experience in diverse sectors including chemicals, telecoms, business services and IT. He has held senior roles in ICI, Cable & Wireless and Global Marine as well as helping to establish and build a number of new businesses over the past ten years. Tim will lead the development of Artriom's technology practice ensuring that the business builds a strong in-house team while integrating the capabilities of Artriom's Partner Ecosystem.

 Andy Hall - Director of Social Business Technology

He has over 25 years' experience in the design and delivery of commercial software. He specialises in agile web based solutions built from IBM and Open Source technologies, typically involving integration with existing systems and infrastructure. Over last few years, he has deployed systems into both public and private cloud environments. He has predominantly worked in an IT Service provider environment. Prior to Artriom, he was the Development Manager for DCS Group PLC, Technical Projects Manager for Novium PLC, and latterly Head of Technical Development at FreshTL.

Phil Ollerton - Head of Domino and SmartCloud
Phil is Head of Domino & SmartCloud, responsible for the management and migration of on premises Domino environments to IBM's cloud email offering.

Initially working for GE Information Services with their Quik-Comm hosted email service, Phil has seen the industry turn full circle as the move to cloud based mail services is embraced by business.

Phil has worked with the Notes/Domino product set since version 2.1 and has a deep understanding of Domino administration, mail security and the integration of Domino related products allowing him to quickly understand a company's email infrastructure and appreciate their requirements from both technical and business point of views.

Mags Bland - Programmer
Mags has over 20 years experience in the design and delivery of commercial software and has an IT Service provider background. She has worked on a number of interesting projects to create multi-tenanted SaaS applications using J2EE and web technologies on IBM and Open Source middleware.



IBM Notes Domino

In a social, mobile and cloud-enabled workplace - IBM continues to innovate with the new IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition.

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