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It's no surprise that cloud is close to the top of most CTO's agenda's given it's proven cost savings, sustainability, scalability and elasticity.

However, the cost associated with a move to the cloud is something that needs to be carefully considered, and a lot of that cost comes from creating an existing environment that can be easily migrated to the cloud.

In order to understand those challenges, we offer a cloud readiness assessment which will help you answer such questions like: "Are your servers and mail clients at the correct versions? Do you understand who has delegation rights to other user's mail files?" - amongst others

Getting the answers to these, and other questions, is imperative in providing an initial baseline prior to a mail migration to the cloud. This information will assist you in deciding what initial work you may need to perform, how you should group users for migration and ensure that you only migrate live user accounts. It will also ensure that your migration project is sufficiently aware of the resource which will be required during the various migration phases.

We can provide you with the necessary consulting, tools and expertise to assist you in gathering this vital information and then helping you in assessing the results.

Artriom has extensive skills in the day to day administration of Domino/Notes environments, providing resource and assisting you in your mail migration project.

Please contact us for further information and a discussion of your migration requirements.


IBM Connections Content Edition

IBM Connections Content Edition is a single, security-rich offering for authoring, managing and storing business-critical content in your IBM enterprise content management environment directly from your IBM Connections social platform implementation.

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